10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips


Weight Loss can be challenging! While exercise and diet are important, they're not the whole story...

Have you tried everything and still not got the results you want?  Stay calm!

Here’s 10 Healthy Weight Loss tips to help you reach your goals:

Healthy Tip #10: Don’t be a in a rush!  Quick weight loss is hazardous to your health and is not sustainable.  You WILL gain the weight back.  In fact, most of the weight lost in a quick weight loss program is water and muscle loss, not the desired loss of fat.,

Healthy Tip #9: Learn about low glycemic eating.  This is key to both controlling your cravings, curbing your appetite and preventing diabetes.

Healthy Tip  #8:  Eat frequent small meals, don’t go hungry and NEVER skip breakfast.  When you skip breakfast or don’t eat frequently enough, you put your body into "starvation mode" and you release hormones that tell it to hang onto all the fat it can – not the result you desire!  Eating frequently helps burn fat by turning on your metabolism.

Healthy Tip #7:  Add a pharmaceutical grade, science based nutritional supplement to your diet.  This is key to not only cut cravings and help balance blood sugar but is essential for general health and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Healthy Tip #6: Throw out the weigh scale. A more accurate scale is to keep track of your waist, hip and bust measurement.  Noticing how loose your clothes are fitting over time is also very useful.  Take before, during and after pictures.

Healthy Tip #5: You cannot lose weight by diet alone.  There are many factors to PERMANENT weight loss including healthy exercise and sleep patterns, stress reduction and dealing with underlying issues.  If you think to lose weight through diet alone, you're making a big mistake. You may lose some weight but you will almost certainly gain it all back when you are finished the diet.  Achieving a healthy body and permanent weight loss can only be done through significant changes in lifestyle and through breaking unhealthy thinking patterns.

Healthy Tip 4: Deal with underlying stress.  If you can’t remove the stressful situation than incorporate meditation or other techniques to lessen the negative effects to your body.  It’s next to impossible to lose weight when you are stressed out all the time!

Healthy Tip #3: Practice mindful eating.  Studies show that women who focus on the complete experience of eating and learn to savor their food, lose weight more readily and easily.

Healthy Tip #2: Find a support system.  The support of family and friends is great but most often is not enough. Find others who are on the same journey as you to share questions, challenges and successes.  A good support system can help make your journey both more effective and more fun.

Healthy Tip# 1: Find a trusted and knowledgeable expert who can supervise and advise you throughout your program.  Everyone has unique home and work lifestyles as well as different physical and emotional challenges that need to be addressed. A professional can look at these issues and personalize a program to make sure it is working optimally to help you lose weight and get healthier.

You can learn more about all these health tips in my 1st Get Healthy 101-Day Weight Loss Program.  For more information, visit my website.

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