Spring Clean Your Body

14295152_sIt’s that time of the year where we ‘spring clean’ our homes, getting rid of all the junk that's accumulated through the winter.  Have you considered the benefits of giving your body a good ‘spring-cleaning’ as well?  During fall and winter, the days are shorter and colder, we get less sunshine (less Vitamin D) and with fewer fresh fruits and veggies, we often rely on comfort food to fill and cheer us up. By spring, we may notice a few extra pounds, a little more sluggishness in the mornings and after lunch, a few more headaches and/or an increase in allergies.
How about hitting a ‘Reset’ button and giving your body a chance to rid itself of the extra toxins and pounds that have accumulated. Here’s my recipe to do just that:
  1. Spend more time outside walking. The combination of fresh air, sunshine and exercise will help clear toxins from your body and toxic thoughts from your mind.
  2. Begin a 30-day (or longer) morning gratitude journal. Just recognizing all you have to be thankful for can have a huge impact on your emotions and your health. Sip a glass of warm water and lemon while you journal.
  3. Look for early crop fruits and vegetables. Fresh is always best so take advantage of what is available in your market.
  4. Make sure that you are taking a science grade multi-vitamin, multi-mineral complex* to give your cells all the nutrition they need.
  5. Consider a 5 day Reset (Product Highlight below) to get your blood sugar back in balance, reduce your cravings and jump-start losing those extra pounds.
  6. Consider adding the following nutritionals for a good spring ‘detox’:  
  • Probiotics* – Healthy gut bacteria improves your immune system and help get rid of toxins.
  • Liver Support* – Your liver is where your body breaks down its toxins.
  • Fiber Supplement* – It’s important for your digestive tract to move its contents out of your body quickly in order to prevent toxins from accumulating in your gut.​
* Look for pharmaceutical grade products.  My personal recommendation is USANA Health Sciences: Essentials, Probiotics, Hepa Plus and Fibergy. You can purchase these directly at drdiana.usana.com or contact me for more information at dr.diana@1stgethealthy.com.
Story of the Month
Elizabeth:  Before the 5-day Reset I had intense carb cravings, especially in the evening. Popcorn was my 'go-to' comfort food, or whatever was handy. These cravings disappeared over the 5 days. Not only that but I felt more energetic, my clothes fit better and I slept great at night. I lost 6 pounds* over the five days which was very encouraging and it gave me a great boost to getting my health back on track.
* Results may vary. 
Product Highlight
USANA's 5 Day Reset: By the end of 5 days:
  • Get rid of your carb and sugar cravings.
  • Increase your energy throughout the day.
  • Sleep more soundly at night.
Contains 5 days worth of meal replacement shakes and bars, and nutritional support. 
To watch a short video on the program, click here.
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