When you focus on what you can change in your life, rather than what limits you, you become empowered to become the person you were meant to be. At 1st Get Healthy we believe that in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight you need to get healthy first. We do not believe in diets. Our 101-Day Get Healthy Program will get you back on track towards a healthy lifestyle for life.


The Top Health Concerns For Women

Women are becoming more concerned with their overall health and they should be. Heart disease, obesity, cancer and many others are on the rise. Learn about the top health concerns for women and how you can avoid them.

  • I approached Diana at a time when my health was failing and my body was really letting me know.  I…

    Sandra T.
  • Esther

    Applying the principles that Dr. Diana teaches, I have not only lost weight and regained my health, but have been able to maintain it in a wholesome way. By eating low-glycemic foods and taking pharmaceutical grade supplements, I have more energy than I did in my younger years. Now in my fifties, I am so grateful to have the knowledge and products that allow me to enjoy good health. Dr. Diana’s “1st Get Healthy” program is not just another trend, but a way to maintain good health for life!

  • Eulene

    Now, 52 pounds lighter than when I started, I am aiming for another 20-25 pounds, and my BMI is much closer to where it should be. I recently cleaned out my closet and took a bunch of size 24, 42, and 44 clothes to the thrift shop and picked up some size 14 clothes to tide me over to a 12 or less!


A Message From Dr. Diana

I work with professional women who have busy, demanding lives and want to reclaim their health, lose weight and increase energy. You CAN change your health and body size. I know this because I have turned my own health around and I’ve seen many other women changed as well.

10 Essential Ingredients to a Healthy Weight Loss

Too often in the “diet world” the focus is all on counting calories and exercising. Many women who have been on multiple diets, find that just looking after these two areas no longer gives them the results they desire. Download our 10 Essentials to a Healthy Weight Loss and find out how to lose weight the healthy way.