How to Eat Out and Lose Weight

4643619_mThe key to losing weight while eating out in restaurants is easier than you think. 

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, compared women who practice mindful eating in restaurants with those who didn’t.  The “mindful eating” group focused on being aware of the sensations of sight, smell, taste and texture of the food and learned techniques to become more aware of portion sizes and stomach fullness.

The women who practiced the “mindful eating” lost an average of 4 pounds in 6 weeks even though they were only trying to maintain their weight.

Mastering the “art” of eating is something that has been largely lost in our fast paced North American society.  However, it is one of the keys to why the French eat rich food and still stay thin.  Learning how to eat in a manner that facilitates weight loss is one of the core topics covered in the 101-Day 1st Get Healthy weight loss program

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