Living a Life Full of Health and Vitality

Women today are bombarded with a constant stream of conflicting messages. On the one hand we are given an impossible standard of who we are supposed to be; the ‘have-it-all-together’ woman juggling work and family while maintaining the physical appearance of a photo-shopped ‘perfectly-put-together’ woman. This is not just next to impossible – it IS impossible!

On the other hand, we’re bombarded with the messages of Eat More, Drink More, Supersize it… fast food has become a big part of our daily lives.  

And most everywhere, there are the quick fixes – Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, Look Younger in 5 days… the list goes on and on.

All too often, the end result of all this is stressed out, burned out, frustrated women who have lost their sense of wellbeing and their zest for life.

I created 1st Get Healthy to be a voice of reason in the midst of all this. There are no quick fixes, no promise of miracles. As a physician I’ve researched and developed a program that is based on understanding how your body works. It’s about discovering a lifestyle that is doable and fits into your life. It’s about support and accountability to help you maintain these changes for the long term. And it’s about living a life that is full of health and vitality.