Ingredient #1 – What You Eat

11095318_sThe first essential ingredient to healthy weight loss is "what you eat". As I mentioned last week, there is a lot more to this than just counting calories.

The first and foremost rule to follow when choosing “what to eat”, is to choose “REAL” foods. By “REAL” foods, I mean food that is as close to nature as possible. Avoid foods that are laden with preservatives and additives. When you feed your body REAL foods, you provide nourishment and it will be satisfied.  When you feed your body foods that are heavily processed, it will keep calling for more food because it is still looking to be nourished. 

The second rule of “what to eat”, is to make sure to eat a diet that is low-glycemic. Low glycemic foods are foods that don’t spike your blood sugar.  Almost all fruits and veggies are low glycemic.  In contrast, breads, pastas, rice, cereal, potatoes and corn are all much higher on the glycemic index. Eating high glycemic foods is what makes you hungrier and causes cravings. Eating a high glycemic diet on a regular basis makes you eat more calories overall and can lead to diabetes. 

Even with a healthy diet, you will want to take a high quality nutritional supplement. It's next to impossible to get all the nutrients you need from your diet to deal with the ever increasing toxins and stress in our environment. Here's how to choose a high quality supplement

When you eat a healthy diet, you energize and nourish your body.  As a result you feel great and end up needing fewer calories!

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