Ingredient #8: Avoiding Toxins helps you lose weight

10633570_sSo, what do environmental toxins have to do with weight loss? To understand this, you need to know first, that your fat cells are your key storage facilities when it comes to toxins. Toxins in the fat cells can make it more difficult for your body to burn the fat.

Secondly, your liver is the key organ your body uses to get rid of the toxins. Your liver also helps your body get rid of excess cholesterol and excess hormones. Too many toxins can prevent it from performing these other roles. Too many toxins also contribute towards fatty liver disease, a condition that is more common when you are overweight.

There are many simple steps you can take to reducing toxins in your life. Avoid cooking in plastics, avoid deodorizers, and keep your dry cleaning outside initially for starters.

If you'd like more information on this topic, I highly recommend The Healthy Home by Dr. Myron Wentz & Dave Wentz.