Day 16 – Travel Tips

iStock_000007983929XSmallTraveling is a challenge when you are trying to lose weight. At home, you have more control on your choice of food and you have a routine set up that fits with a healthy lifestyle. Then holidays or a business trip throw a 'wrench' into your otherwise smooth-running routine. Too often we completely give up on their healthier lifestyle when they are away from home. Here are some healthy tips to make it easier the next time you travel:


  1. Eat before you leave home. This is one less meal on the road.
  2. Pack snacks for the road. Healthy nutrition bars, nuts, fruit and water are easy to travel with. 
  3. Pack a meal replacement shake for breakfast. All you need is ice, water, and a shaker bottle and you've got a healthy meal to start your day with. 
  4. Follow the rules for eating out from the email two days ago.
  5. When possible, eat in. Book a room that has a kitchen, pack a cooler and visit the local grocery. 
  6. Be cautious with cocktails and Hor d'Oeuvres. These can pack a lot of calories AND spike your blood sugar. 
  7. Stay active as much as possible. Take stretch breaks on route. Check out the fitness gym or pool at your hotel.
  8. Get your sleep. Remember lack of sleep will make you hungrier.
  9. Pack your vitamins. It can be more difficult to get all the nutrition you need when away from home so you need your supplements more than ever.

Plan ahead. When you do this, you won't get caught off guard when traveling. You'll be much more likely to be able to stick to a healthier routine.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Keep the tips above handy for the next time you travel.
  2. Remember to make veggies the focus of your meal at home or away.
  3. Stay active even when travelling.
  4. Remember to stay hydrated when travelling.